03. Jan 2021

Winter Scorecard and handicapping

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Dear members,

Happy New Year!

From Monday 4th January 2021 it will once again be possible to submit scores for handicap calculation at Simon’s even when the tee markers are not in their usual positions.

Two things have made this possible and fairer:

  1. The DGU have made a temporary desk rating for our winter course with red and yellow tee markers.
    New temporary conversion tables and scorecards have been printed.
  2. The new World Handicap System (WHS) takes the playing conditions into account by having a daily PCC (replacing CBA) which now also applies for private rounds.
    If scores on a given day in general are considerably higher or lower than on a normal day, they will automatically be adjusted accordingly.

However, it will technically not be possible to enter scores until probably the 11th January.

The reason being that GolfBox on the 4th January temporarily closes for submission of scores while all Danish handicaps and the system are being converted to WHS during that week.

Acceptable scores from play during week 1 can be entered when the system reopens.

Acceptable scores are rounds of at least 9 holes individual stroke play (including Stableford), played by the Rules of Golf, eg. preferred lies only on closely mown areas (as long as this temporary Local Rule is in effect) and approved by a marker.

Ole Dybdal Nielsen
Chairman Rules and Handicap Committee

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