January 2018
Order & Etiquette for both on and off the course at Simon’s Golf Club 27-hole golf course, driving range, ITC, Par-3 course and Putting Green

Play on courses at Simon’s Golf Club is subject to The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrew’s golf rules, including R & A / DGU’s Order and Etiquette Rules and the generally applicable etiquette rules, as described “Sund fornuft på golfbanen” samt “Golf i Bobler”.

Polite requests from the Administration, Order and Etiquette Committee, course control, and the club’s directors must always be observed.

Sanctions: Should the Order and Etiquette rules be violated, the following consequences may apply:

Green Fee Guests: Members are responsible for ensuring their guests are familiar with the rules. If the guest of a member should break the rules, for example, by failing to pay green fees, the member will also be liable for the consequences.

Any guest who violates the Order and Etiquette Rules can be asked, without notice, to leave the course by any employee of Simon’s Golf A/S or board member of Simon’s Golf Club. Details, date and time of the rule violated will be sent to the guests home club. Any green fee paid will be refunded and the guest will be refused entry to the course at Simon’s Golf Club for 3 months. For more serious rule infringements or repeat violation this could be extended to 1 year.

If a guest playing alongside a member of Simon´s Golf Club has not paid green-fee the member will be obliged to pay if they are aware of the offense. Members are responsible for ensuring that their guests are aware of the rules and comply with them at all times.

Members: Any member who violates the Order and Etiquette Rules will lose the right to book start times for 1 month and will be excluded from playing in tournaments at Simon’s Golf Club for the same period.

The members of the Board, Order and Etiquette Committee and Simon´s Golf A/S staff (Marshalls, Administration, Greenkeeping staff, Pro-Shop, Lakeside and Albatross staff) have the authority to evaluate if a breach in the rules has occurred. Their instructions must be adhered to, however, members are entitled to write to the Order and Etiquette Committee with their comments.

Board Members, employees and course Marshalls may impose penalties on members or guests who violate the Order and Etiquette rules. The home club of the guest will receive written details on the date, time and nature of the offense and sanction applied.

Should a violation of rules occur, the following sanctions will be applied:
• Advisory
• Warning/Suspension
• Expulsion

Advisory is given when a player does not observe the general consideration for the course and other players, for example, not replacing divots or raking bunkers or other damage to the course or disturbing other players. The advisory must be followed immediately.

Warnings / Suspension are given when a player is in definite breach of the Order and Etiquette rules, or when the offence is of a serious nature, including failure to follow instructions from an Advisory. Warnings / suspensions also apply where there are concerns for safety. Reprimands will be reported to the Order and Etiquette Committee.

Expulsion occurs when a player does not have the right to be playing the course, for example, has been suspended from playing the course, when a player has repeatedly infringed the rules or when the offence causes direct concern for safety. The expulsion will be reported to the Order and Etiquette Committee who will assess the expulsion or impose further sanctions. A player may contact the Order and Etiquette Committee to review the sanctions imposed.

Sanction Guidelines:
Advisory: Written warning recorded as a “yellow card “.
Warnings / Expulsion: Written warning with suspension from the whole facility – suspension can be up to 3 months. Repeated violation of these rules will be assessed by the Order and Etiquette Committee who will enforce prolonged suspension if necessary or should the offence be deemed serious enough of nature then it will result in complete expulsion from the club.
Spirit of the game: Golf is mainly played without an umpire present. The game relies on the individual’s honesty and sincere intention to show consideration for other players by playing by the rules. All players should conduct themselves in a disciplined manner, demonstrating courtesy and sportsmanship at all times, irrespective of competitiveness. This is the spirit of the game of golf!

Course closures and current information is shown on the Starter House and Simon’s Golf Club website – www.simonsgolf.dk – messages are also shown in Golfbox. It is the responsibility of the player to check the information at the Starter House prior to starting the round. Playing the 18-hole and 9-hole courses and the par-3 course

Please pay attention to protecting the course and training facility during play. The following rules apply to the 18-hole, 9-hole and par-3 course including the training areas and putting greens:

  • Pitch marks on the greens should be repaired immediately
  • Practice swings on the tees are not permitted
  • Divots on the fairways should always be replaced
  • Golf shoes with soft spikes must be worn
  • Bunkers must always be raked evenly to remove footprints and other imperfections
  • Rakes should always be replaced in the bunkers after use
  • Try to protect the holes on the putting green – do not stand too close to the holes and return the flag to the hole with care after removing the ball
  • Flagpoles must always be carefully lifted out and replaced by hand so there is no damage to the hole or green – do not use a putter to take out or replace the flagpole
  • The club head must not be used to collect the ball from the hole
  • All rubbish, cigarette butts, paper, bottles, etc. must always be placed in the rubbish bins provided or in your golf bag
  • Play on the course should always start from the 1st tee of the 18-hole and 9-hole courses
  • Starting play from anywhere else is not permitted and may result in suspension
  • Greenkeepers have priority on the course – always wait to be waved through before continuing play
  • Start times must be pre-booked through the Golfbox system – alternatively please contact the Pro-Shop
  • All club members must carry a valid membership card which must be visible on either bag or bag trolley. Green fee players and guests must visibly show equivalent green fee receipt
  • Green fee guests must be active members of a golf club, a member of the Danish Golf Union or similar international golf union
  • All members should ensure that other players in their team meet these requirements prior to starting play
  • Please remember that the club is not responsible for the players and guests valuables or other effects
  • All players should give their member number and name to SGC & SG A/S staff if asked.

To ensure an enjoyable experience for all players it is important to be aware of the speed of play

  • Teams should be no larger than 4 players
  • A 2-ball team has preference above a 3 or 4 ball team who should voluntarily let them through – although 2-balls have no priority at weekends
  • Single players do not have priority and should let other teams play through
  • It is the responsibility of the team to keep pace with the group in front. If a group should lose a hole and slow the group behind then they should give them the option of playing through. If a hole has not been lost but the team behind are playing considerably faster, they should also then offer them the option to play through
  • Rules applying to the entire course including training areas should be followed at all times. Course Marshall instructions are to be adhered to at all times. Marshalls are authorized to impose further sanctions if necessary
  • Each player in the group must have a set of golf clubs
  • Players should always keep their trolley/bag close behind them so they can move quickly to the next point of play
  • If a player believes his ball is lost in a water hazard or an out of bounds area then he should play another ball to save time

Always avoid:

  • Slow play, unnecessary practice strokes and noisy behaviour
  • Mobile phone use – mobile phones should only be used if absolutely necessary while taking other players into consideration.

It is NEVER permitted to:

  • Drive golf carts, electric or manual golf trolleys over the tee’s or green’s
  • Throw rubbish, bottles or cigarette butts onto the course
  • Practice putting or chipping on the course greens
  • Take practice shots from the course bunkers
  • Use the tee’s to practice swings
  • Bring dogs and prams to the facility
  • Speak on mobile phones inside the Lakeside, Albatross or Ship Shape
  • Bring outside food or beverages to be eaten on the terrace or on the club premises – food and beverages must be purchased in the bar or restaurant. Beer, wine or liquor will not be served to persons under 18 years of age
  • Tee off in foggy conditions unless visibility is over 250m
  • Play the course in frost/snow

If necessary, trolleys and bags should be cleaned at the wash area before being brought into the locker rooms at the clubhouse. To avoid bringing grass or soil inside the clubhouse, shoes should always be cleaned either with the pressure pistol at the wash area or by using the available shoe cleaners.

Dress Code The following are required for both ladies and gentlemen:

  • Polo shirts with sleeves and collar
  • Shirts with sleeves and collar
  • turtleneck/rollneck with sleeves
  • golf shorts or long golf trousers
  • socks/stockings are required
  • golf shoes – metal spikes are not permitted

For ladies the following are also permitted:

  • sleeveless polo shirts with collar
  • golf skirts
  • golf shirts with or without collar

It is NOT permitted to wear trousers or shorts that are ”baggy”, ill-fitting, low waisted, or saggy.

Indoor Training Center (ITC):

  • ITC is available to all active members of Simon’s Golf Club
  • Smoking is not permitted in the ITC
  • Talking at the training areas or use of mobile phones must not disturb others who are training
  • Rules for the course and Clubhouse also apply to the ITC

Par-3 course:

  • You can play the course as many times as you like, however, the holes must be played in sequence and you must start at hole nr. 1
  • A 2 ball game (max) can be played if there is no queue
  • Play using training balls is not permitted
  • There must only be 1 ball played per person
  • Pitch marks on the greens must be repaired and divots should be replaced
  • Dogs and prams are not permitted
  • You can only play teams with a maximum of 4 balls
  • Play is not permitted when there is frost/snow

Driving Range:

  • You may only play from the mats and only in the direction of the driving range
  • Ball baskets should always be returned to the ball machine after use
  • It is not permitted to walk across any of the greens with or without golf bags, please use the pathway provided
  • Damaged or broken practice balls should be thrown into the rubbish bins provided
  • Talking or the use of mobile phones must not disturb others who are training
  • Mats can be used even when the course is closed due to frost/snow, however, greens and bunkers are not to be used.

Practice Bunker and Chipping Green:

  • Bunker must always be raked after use
  • Training balls are not permitted on greens
  • Do not practice putting when on the chipping green
  • Divots should not be taken around the chipping green
  • The chipping green is reserved for chipping and bunker practice only

Putting Green:

  • You are not permitted to practice chipping on either of the putting greens
  • Flags are to be removed by hand
  • Balls should not be removed from the hole using a club head
  • It is not permitted to walk on the putting green when there is frost/snow

Clubhouse, changing rooms, bar, restaurant and terrace:

  • Only clean shoes or golf shoes with soft spikes should be worn
  • Caps or hats are not to be worn in the bar or restaurant
  • Equipment bags and trolleys are not to be brought into the clubhouse, bar or restaurant, this includes the entry passage to the terrace.
  • Bags and trolleys are not permitted on the terrace, please use the parking area located beside the starter house
  • Smoking is not permitted in any of the Club buildings
  • Lockers in the changing rooms should be emptied daily after use
  • Bottles and glasses are not permitted in the locker rooms or sauna rooms.