16. Oct 2020

Winter Communication 16.10.2020

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Information for members regarding the closure of the golf course during the winter season

At Simons Golf Club, we are privileged to be able to play the course pretty much all year round, unlike many other courses that close for play or have winter greens.

However, there will be periods when the course is closed due to frost and snow and there will be days when there may be delays due to fog, superficial frost or frost in the greens. We will do our utmost to remain open, and on days where there are delays we will strive to be clear with our communications.

The procedure for these communications is as follows:
Every morning at 07.30, the Pro-Shop will be responsible for the website and Golfbox being updated with the following information (this will show on the splash on the front page and the yellow note in Golfbox).

– “The course is closed due to frost in the greens” – (The course is closed ALL DAY)

– ”The course is closed due to fog, superficial frost or frost in the greens. Further information at. 09:00” (or relevant time)

– ”The course is closed due to fog, superficial frost or frost in the greens. Opening at 11:00” (or relevant time)

Consequences of delays:

All times in Golfbox where there is a delay will be deleted – players will be notified via Golfbox that a new time must be booked if the course opens.

All times will be suspended until the Greenkeepers have approved opening, after which the Starter will allocate all times in the order that they have been booked for the day – this will take place on all 3 loops to ensure play is commenced as quickly as possible (1 hour delay can be caught up in 20 minutes, so be ready at the 1st tee when the course opens).

Due to the current Corona restrictions only permitting groups of a maximum of 50 people the times will be deleted as they are on weekdays and a new time must be booked.

Golfbox warning
When booking times during the winter season, there is a warning in Golfbox that cancellations and delays may occur due to possible snow and frost.

Yours sincerely
Simon’s Golf Club A/S

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