General tournament conditions

All tournaments are held in accordance with the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrew’s rules and the current local rules.
On occasion there will be tournaments arranged with specific or special conditions. The schedule of which will be available in GolfBox. Unless otherwise stated the club’s general tournament rules, as listed below, will always be applicable.

Club tournaments are open to active members of SGC with an EGA-handicap.

Registration and start time 
Tournaments run from the red / yellow tees in accordance with applicable local rules detailed on the score card or by notice from the Tournament and or Course Committee. Violation of local rules can have implications.

A tournament –including the club championships – requires at least 6 participants/pairs.

Registration can be done in For some tournaments registration is binding. Unless otherwise stated the registration deadline is the last Tuesday before the tournament. The startlist will be available at

Tournament fee and cancellation
The player must have paid the tournament fee and collected scorecards at least 15 minutes prior to the stated start time on the start list otherwise the space will be given to other members on the waiting list. For gunstarts the meeting time is 30 minutes prior to the start or the space will be given to other players on the waiting list. A player who has registered can be liable for the tournament fee even in the event of a cancellation unless the cancellation is made by the latest 12:00 the day before the event. Contact information for the Tournament Committee are available in the tournament schedule in GolfBox.

Unless stated in the schedule there will be a kr. 100 tournament fee. Any unpaid tournament fees could exclude the player from tournaments including Club to Club, until the arrears are paid.

Meeting time
Players should meet at the tee at least 5 minutes before the start time. Players will start at the times stated on the start list. For gunstarts all players must meet at least 5 minutes prior to play, if you are starting at a second hole then you should meet at the same time as the other players.

For a minimum of 5 minutes late attendance after the start time, the player must lose 2 strokes from the first hole of match play. Later arrival can lead to disqualification, although exemptions can be made in the event of force majeure.

Unreported cancellations or no show’s for a club tournament can result in a days expulsion from club tournaments entered into the tournament calendar (excl. Club championships).

Cancellation of tournament
The Tournament Committee reserves the right to cancel any tournament at any time for any reason.

Delay of game
Undue delay of the game away from the tournament schedule will result in a warning and 1 stroke penalty on the subsequent 2 holes (see Rule 6-7) repeated misconduct will result in 2 stroke penalty followed by disqualification. For match play adhere to rule 6-7 with no exceptions.

Use of distance measuring equipment
A player may obtain distance information during a club tournament using equipment that measures only distances.

Any player, during a stipulated round using equipment that can detect or measure other conditions that may affect play (e.g. slope, elevation, wind speed, temperature etc.) is in violation of player Rule 14-3 for which the penalty is disqualification. This applies regardless of whether the player has used any of the information other than for distance.

Scorecard and ranking
The scorecard must be returned to the Tournament Committee in accordance with the Rules of Golf (§ 6-6 b). Any scorecard deemed by the Tournament Committee to be illegible or incomplete may result in disqualification.

Unless otherwise stated, the determination of rank by result is as follows: Match Play tournament, which ends equal is to continue hole by hole until a decision is taken. In tournaments played under the stroke play rules the mathematic method will apply where the lowest score (net) in the last 18-9-6-3 holes count. If still equal, this will be resolved by drawing lots.

Appeals concerning the order or etiquette of a tournament must be delivered to the club office no later than 8 days after the tournament takes place.

Prize Giving
The Tournament Director is responsible for the prize giving, which usually takes place immediately after the tournament ends. Personal attendance is requested at the ceremony for receipt of prizes otherwise the prize will be given up and the prize giving adjusted accordingly. A player can receive both gross and net prizes.

Where a tournament has a gunstart at 9:00 there is generally a breakfast from 7:30-8:30
Breakfast is included in tournament fee; after payment has been made the scorecard can be used as a ticket for breakfast.

Closest to the pin prizes (club competitions)
There is often prize for closest to the pin on all par 3 holes. The distance is from the players marker using the flagstick, record the result on the scorecard and write the result on noticeboard at the clubhouse after the round.