18. Sep 2020

Newsletter 18th September 2020

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Dear Members,

Firstly, I congratulate everyone who participated in the annual Club Championship competition and especially to this year’s winners. The Club Championship usually falls at the end of August which also marks the end of the growing season, but in reality the grass growth has already slowed considerably throughout the month of August as the light starts to diminish. This will continue to be the case moving forward and now our main task is to prepare the grass/course for the off-season. Today, (18th September) we have already received our first frost of the season, we also start to have foggy mornings as the day and night temperatures fluctuate considerably. Please remember if you cannot see where your ball will land do not commence or continue your round until it is safe to do so.

Preparing the course for the off-season includes raising the heights of cut to all close mown areas i.e. greens, tee’s, fore-greens and fairways. As in previous years we will start to regularly apply heavy iron-based products to help strengthen the grass against disease during the cooler period. Aeration will be carried out starting next week on greens, this will be done in a similar manner as in the Spring where we will deep tine to reach the gravel-layer. We will also start to aerate the fairways and will apply the preferred lies rule (this will be posted on the starter house).

The newly extended red asphalt pathway from the club wash area to B2 tees has been very well received, thank you for all your positive emails and comments, moving forward we will endeavour to apply seed and turf to the edges of the pathways to tie them in.

September and October will continue to be very productive months for Simon’s Golf. Contractors (Nelson and Vecchio) will return next month to install two additional grass pathways and to install irrigation to these areas also. These new installations will be from C3 green to C4 tee’s and B3 green to B4 tee’s.

Next week we will also have contractors on-site to create an exciting new backdrop to the B1 green.

Over the coming weeks, additional contractors will also be on-site to remove overcrowded trees, predominantly on C loop, and to remove trees and bushes that are growing around the edges of our lakes.

Unfortunately, I must once again implore you (our members), to help assist with a huge continual issue that we endure; pitch marks in our greens. My staff spend at least 2½ hours daily; repairing pitch marks left by golfers on every green! I ask that you endeavour to fix your own pitch marks and any others that see during your round please.







Kind regards,

Reamonn O’Neill
Golf Course Superintendent

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