14. Jan 2021

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Dear Members,

Happy New Year to you all,

We were very lucky to have mild weather through the festive period which allowed many of you to get out on the course. Unfortunately, the weather has predictably turned more wintery since.

I appreciate we have a very large number of new members, so I wish to inform you, and remind our existing members of our processes. I evaluate the course conditions every day and whenever it is possible to open the golf course without causing damage to the grass plant, I will do so. It would be far easier to close the course for weeks or months at a time during the winter months, but that is not our stance. As I analyse the numerous weather apps we have available today, it appears we are entering a period of prolonged frost but I will still inspect the course daily between 08:00 and 09:00, this time is such as I need the sun to be up to allow me to see the course. There may be some mornings when you may see the message “course closed due to inspection new info at 09:00” on days where the lack of daylight makes it difficult to properly view the course.

Wherever possible we will collect and wash balls at the range. Please be aware due to corona restrictions there are limited spaces at the range and James’s corner is closed as all members need to easily be able to see exactly how many people are on the range tee so as to ensure we ALL follow Covid-19 restrictions.

Reminder: when the course is closed due to frost so are ALL grassed areas, only the artificial range tee is available for play.

Kind regards

Reamonn O’Neill
Golf Course Superintendent

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