28. Apr 2021

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Dear members,

Week 16 has been colder at night than expected, unfortunately from Monday to Sunday only Wednesday presented a morning without frost. TV2 Vejr are predicting that this could be the coldest April in 35 years (https://vejr.tv2.dk/2021-04-24-april-kan-blive-den-koldeste-i-35-aar) which definitely hampers grass growth and recovery. I am sure many of you will only have mown your own gardens once, possibly twice depending on your location so far this year.

You will notice the trees slowly starting to bud and blossom, it is very obvious at this time of year as to which trees are activated by light and which react to warmer soil temperatures. As a rule of thumb I use the hedge at the Clubhouse as my gauge as to when the soil is up to optimal temperature, this is shown by last years leaves being shed and this years new green growth appearing.

Over the past week we have:
• Set up the course on summer tees.
• Re-introduced the use of trolleys and scooters.
• All bunker rakes have been replaced for the more optimal design. We will add additional rakes to the larger bunkers today. Thank you all for the positive feedback on this solution.
• Continued to vertidrain fairways and grass pathways.
• Gribskov Stub & Gren have been on-site to continue to tidy the hazel bushes from B6 to B7 tees. They also checked and pruned the large oak tree.
• Continued to reduce the heights on the new run-off areas, they are really starting to take shape.
• All areas were mowed at least once.
• Continued with in-house irrigation repairs, this is an ongoing procedure throughout the season.
• Agrometers irrigation team have been on-site to fix a major wiring fault. These tasks are ongoing with any system, especially one of our size – This led to additional hand watering on some greens which were drying out very quickly due to the strong winds.

Tree maintenance

New run-off area left of C1 green

Week 17, 18, 19, 28, 29, 38 & 39 are planned aeration weeks, aeration is the number one process in ensuring golf greens are at their optimal health year round, this video from the USGA explains more about how and why we aerate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=863Ix8czcoY

Over the weeks ahead we will use small hollow tines to enable us to remove thatch from the greens and apply sand and seed afterwards. This task will start on C-Loop as they are a little further ahead on recovery compared to A & B-Loops. We will also use scarifying blades to repair the winter wear on the tees, we will apply root-zone, seed and fertilizer to help speed up the recovery.

As Friday is a public holiday we only have 4 full days of work this week and with frost delays forecast Tuesday and Wednesday it is difficult to predict at this point how far along in the process we will get.

Kind regards

Reamonn O’Neill
Golf Course Superintendent

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