12. Apr 2021

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Dear members,

Well the forecasters were correct and throughout week 14 we experienced night frosts, this obviously holds back grass growth and also limits our hours of work on the course, none the less we have had a very productive week.

Almost all fairways on B-Loop have been vertidrained and deep tine aerated, this helps with relieving compaction, improves drainage and allows oxygen to the roots. A & B-Loop approaches have been aerated and all greens have been mown at winter height once as have fairways, tees, approaches and the semi-rough however, we did not collect much grass. This is due to the nights still being so cold and of course wear from play at a time when the grass plant is not actually growing.

As I pen this newsletter the course is covered in a dusting of sleet so trying to compose a plan of works for the week ahead is somewhat challenging. From Thursday it looks like we will get into double digits in the afternoons but night-time temperatures are still sitting at -1 to 3 degrees, this in turn will keep the soil temperatures reasonably low.

Unfortunately the lifting of the trolley ban will not take place in week 15, however if the forecast is correct I hope to be able to lift this and switch to summer tees in week 16.

I am still evaluating how our bunkers perform and I appreciate that there is an issue with some of the sand movement in the bunkers, I will continue to asses this and return with further details and information on how the bunkers should be used by the player.

In the week ahead I hope to:

  • Vertidrained A and C-Loop fairways
  • Aerate C-Loop approaches
  • Mow greens
  • Roll greens
  • Change holes
  • Fertilise grass pathways
  • Fertilise newly turfed areas
  • Aerate tees (summer)
  • Repair the irrigation system
  • Spray greens with fertiliser
  • Spray tees with fertiliser
  • Seed grass pathways and wear areas

From an agronomic perspective we have given the grass plant everything it needs, air, fertiliser, water, sand and now it requires the heat in the soil.

Please note that the driving range will be mown weekly on Tuesdays from 13th April onwards.

Reamonn O’Neill
Golf Course Superintendent

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