21. Aug 2023

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Dear members,

Firstly, I would like to update you all on the plan for the willow tree on C9 that was damaged in the summer storm on 6th August. We have spent a great deal of time, effort and money over the years to ensure that this tree is as healthy as possible, it has always had underlying issues, such as a cavity in the trunk and rot through the centre of the tree. Kløver and I met with Michael, Tree Surgeon and part-owner of Gribskov Stub og Gren to hear what the possibilities are for the tree. On Wednesday 23rd August his team will come and severely prune back the tree and remove all fallen material with the goal being that the tree re-energizes and looks good again within 2-3 seasons. Again, with the underlying issues that the tree has the forecast for the future is unknown, it could last 1 year, it could last 50 years. SGA/S will consider planting another tree behind the willow so that that will continue to grow over the years to come and if needs be the original tree can be removed without changing the hole too much.

We completed our summer aeration/sand injection on the greens, it always takes a couple of weeks for the sand to bed into the green and for us to be able to groom them and lower the mowing heights, we were able to do this last Wednesday and we will continue to present the greens to the highest standard right the way through to September aeration in week 38/39. It is because we carry out aeration that greens are healthy and perform as well as they do, and I understand that you have all been happy with how the greens have played throughout the season. On behalf of myself and my team I would like to thank you all for your praise and recognition through the season.

During July and August to date we have received an exceptional amount of rainfall (July 120mm, August 140mm so far) with rain falling up to 60mm/hour in some periods. We are especially grateful for the Capillary Flow solution during these periods as the amount of maintenance required to repair them in the past has been monumental. It also again proves that the bunkers now perform extremely well when wet.

For the weeks ahead we will try our very best to keep on top of the grass which is growing at an exponential rate, this is also exacerbated by the very wet dewy mornings. This along with a very busy playing schedule can make it difficult for us to mow and blow the grass away especially on fairways, semi and cut-rough.

This week is always an exciting week with the Club Championships at the weekend, I wish all participants the very best of luck. Practice will be key this week as I expect the greens to play true and fast.

I ask again that you all make extra effort to repair pitch marks, we spend at least 3 mins on each green every morning, (see picture below) that is almost 10 hours work time that could be used elsewhere. If we do not repair the pitch marks before we mow the greens they will scalp especially when we are mowing as low as 2.5mm.

Kind regards
Reamonn O’Neill – Golf Course Superintendent

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