14. May 2021

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Dear members,

Hopefully last Saturday will be the last morning frost of this spring. The lovely warm weather on Sunday, reaching 22°, along with the additional fertilizer applications and substantial rainfall has really started to have a positive impact on the grass all over the course, especially on the greens.

Last week was extremely wet and this affected our plans in a number of ways, we were only able to mow fairways and semi-rough once instead of twice as the course got wetter towards the weekend. However with the dryer weather over the weekend and the start of this week we have been able to mow the semi-rough twice this week and fairways three times. We were not able to carry out our aeration as planned, however, this week we have brushed, double cut and seeded greens on all loops and the training areas and reduced the height of cut to summer height.

Now that we have all the weather in our favour: moisture, warmth, daylight hours, the healing process for the greens will progress at a much quicker pace and there is already considerable improvement since Sunday.

Over the next week to 10 days the course will be predominantly A B  this will allow for the best playable conditions for you, the golfers, and also allow my team and I the time needed to dedicate our efforts to the C-Loop greens so that they can catch up to the standard of A & B-Loops. This will not affect morning golf however; we will be carrying out additional hollow tine aeration, seeding and topdressing.

Our nursery green, which we constructed last year as part of our 2020 Remodel Project, has grown in fantastically well, it is now at a point where we can use it to make repairs on the course. This week we have evaluated the greens on A & B-Loop and both putting greens, any disease marks that are close to  the size of a hole cup and do not have new grass growing through them have been replaced. On A & B-Loop this was between 5 and 10 plugs per green. C-Loop will be substantially more.

As per our program, and mentioned in previous newsletters, our contractor will be on-site next week to carry out the first cut of the season to the high rough. The second cut will be evaluated and carried out in due course. This date is not decided by the calendar as the weather, as always, is the main variable.

On the 21st April during a sudden and severe thunderstorm there was a direct lighting strike which caused terminal damage to some of the electrics on the course, one area of which was the scooter storage units including the chargers and batteries, we hope to have all 6 scooters fully operational by Friday. The other damage was to the irrigation system which has now been repaired.

Please note, there is a drainage issue close to the first fairway bunker on B9 fairway following the holiday, early next week, our drainage contractor will be onsite to inspect where the blockage is.

Kind regards

Reamonn O’Neill
Golf Course Superintendent

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