06. Nov 2020

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Dear Member,

This week we continued to routinely set up the course for play, mowing and rolling greens, changing holes and raking bunkers. We also continued with the constant battle of removing leaves from the greens, that was particularly tricky mid-week when the wind blew strongly.

We also continued to turf along the new pathway from B1 to B2, replaced the drought damaged turf on B9 fairway bunkers and are now working on B3. The damaged walkways on B7 and B8 have been prepared for turf, these tasks will continue next week.

The entrance to the grassed overflow parking was addressed, hopefully this assists cars coming in and out of the car park, this has not been an issue in the past during the winter months however with the weather being so mild and the course being so busy these days this area is being used a lot more regularly.

The winter bridges on A9 and B9 have been reinstalled after having a new epoxy non-slip solution applied, the grassed bridges will now be closed.

We have placed the tee markers in their winter positions, and we have needed to put additional ropes and stakes in place to protect the traffic areas to and from the summer tee areas, it is imperative that golfers respect these areas as they are also to help assist in prolonging the ban on trolleys.

Please be aware, looking at the weather forecast for the week ahead it would appear that we are in for a mild, cloudy week with temperatures varying between highs of 9 and lows of 8 degrees, this often can lead to foggy conditions.

Have a good weekend

Kind regards

Reamonn O’Neill

Golf Course Superintendent

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