16. Apr 2020

Opening of Driving Range – 17th April

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Important information regarding opening of the Driving Range
Only in conjunction with a booked start time

The following rules must be adhered to or the Driving Range will be closed again.

Tomorrow, Friday 17th April, the Driving Range will open again with some restrictions.

The Driving Range may only be used in conjunction with a booked start time, or with lessons with the Pro’s.

Arrival at the Driving Range must be no more than 30 minutes before the booked start time.

A max. of 8 people (+ Pro and student) at any time in the training area, whether or not the Pro is present.

If there are already 8 people at the training area you must wait in your car until a space is available.

It will only be possible to use the Driving Range and the putting green.

Remember to wash/sanitise your hands before and after touching the ball machine and ball basket.

Please continue to follow our general rules regarding covid-19 and follow the instructions.

Violation of rules may result in suspension.

Kind regards,
Simon’s Golf A/S

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