31. Oct 2020

News from the Rules & Handicap Committee

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Dear members,

When I wrote to you four weeks ago about preferred lies and that it was still recommended to play EDS the remainder of the year, I should have added “as long as handicap conditions prevail”. They will no longer do so when tee markers 2 November are moved to protect the normal teeing areas.

Handicap conditions do not prevail when the length of the course played varies from the length of the measured course by more than 100 metres over 18 holes, or 50 metres over 9 holes. Handicaps can thus no longer be adjusted until the tee markers are moved back, and the course again is at it’s normal lenght, sometime next spring, when we will write to you again.

Enjoy the off-season.

Best regards

Simon’s Golf Club

Rules and Handicap Committee

Ole Dybdal Nielsen

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