20. Feb 2023

Lakeside Restaurant

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Dear Member,

We are pleased to announce that we have entered into a lease agreement with Jannik Pedersen.

Jannik has previously worked as a Chef on Oslobåden and after 7 years at sea he came ashore to Kabyssen at Sletten Havn from 2017-2023 where he was also the lessee from 2018.

Jannik is looking forward to serving home-cooked food in cozy surroundings both inside the restaurant and on the terrace. Jannik also has extensive experience of catering for larger events and looks forward to having the order book filled with all your personal and company-related events.

On Saturday 1st April Jannik would like to welcome you with an opening reception from 11:30-17:00 where there will be a buffet with samples of the upcoming menu. On Sunday 2nd April Jannik will start the season with normal opening hours.

Simon’s Golf A/S and Simon’s Golf Club hope you will all come and welcome our new lessee, Jannik Pedersen.

Best regards,

Simon’s Golf

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