26. Oct 2020

Coronavirus / Covid-19 – 26th October

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Dear members,

The authorities have updated the Corona restrictions and we have updated ours accordingly. Most of the rules are in force from today with the exception of the rules on facemasks which will come in to effect from Thursday 29th October.

The assembly ban
The assembly ban has been reduced to 5 people.

Facemask requirements for all indoor areas
Facemasks must be worn in all indoor areas, no exceptions. This also applies to corridors, Pro-shop, Lakeside Restaurant, changing rooms, Administration and bag rooms. Facemasks are not necessary once seated.

Driving range
As in the spring, the Driving Range has been divided into 3 areas there may only be a maximum of 5 people in each area at any time.

Play on the course
No changes. However, keep in mind that there are to be no more than 10 people standing on the tee or in groups after the round.

Tournaments and other activities
Tournaments or similar activities where the number of participants exceeds 5 people cannot take place. This applies to both club and private events.

The DGU has also updated their guide – see more by clicking HERE.

Facemasks can be bought in the Pro-shop and in Albatross for DKK 5.

If you have any queries regarding the new regulations, please contact Administration tel: +45 4919 1478

Yours sincerely,
Simon’s Golf A/S

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