Dear members,

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that C-Loop will re-open on Monday 8th June. The next 9 that works will be carried out on will be B-Loop, this is estimated to take approximately 5 weeks.

Turfed Areas
I have tried to limit the use of ropes and stakes as much as possible so that you get the best experience. However, as a lot of the rolled turf was only laid in week 23 some roping is essential. I have consulted with Ole Dybdal Nielsen, Head of Simon’s Golf Rules Committee to ensure that you are all aware of the rules and markings.

  • Many areas will be sprayed with a blue line marking GUR (Ground Under Repair).
  • Other areas will be marked by blue stakes with green tops and white rope, you may enter only to retrieve your ball.

As green tops indicate a no play zone, relief must be taken under Rule 16.2b, if the ball or stance is in the area (see Rule 16.1f).
When an entire bunker is ground under repair, it is per definition no longer a bunker under the Rules, but is instead treated as part of the general area, so there is no penalty for taking relief even if the ball is in the sand.

  • In some cases your ball may land on the seam/join of 2 pieces of turf, in this instance you are granted relief and the following Temporary Local Rule will be adopted:

“Relief from Seams of Cut Turf”
If a player’s ball in the General Area lies in or touches a seam of cut turf or a seam interferes with the player’s area of intended swing, the player may take relief under Rule 16.1b.
But interference does not exist if the seam only interferes with the player’s stance.
All seams within the area of cut turf are treated as the same seam in taking relief. This means that if a player has interference from any seam after dropping the ball, the player must proceed as required under Rule 14.3c(2) even when the ball is still within one club-length of the reference point.
Penalty for Playing Ball from a Wrong Place in Breach of Local Rule: General Penalty Under Rule 14.7a.”

This means that as long as it is in effect, a ball may be dropped within a club-length, not nearer the hole, and in the general area, i.e. not in a bunker or on the green.

If the dropped ball comes to rest in the same or another seam, it must be re-dropped, and if again comes to rest in a seam, it must be placed where it first touched the ground when re-dropped.

  • Please keep trolleys off and out of newly turfed areas.
  • Where possible try not to step on the new turf when entering and exiting bunkers.

As the sand has only recently been installed and even though it has been compacted by machine as much as possible it will still take some months to settle completely. You may experience a few fried eggs/plugging and you may also find the sand is softer during ball strike than expected at first. However, as the bunkers at the range are constructed in the same way, James and Lars can assist with the technique required.

You will all notice that due to the additional works and rest from play the greens on C-Loop are blemish free. I plead with you all to ensure you repair all your ball marks and any others you may see.

Kind regards,

Reamonn O’Neill
Golf Course Superintendent