30. Oct 2020

Update – the course

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Dear Member,

Today, Friday 30th October, I would like to give a brief update on the course to follow on from my latest newsletter.

We have mowed and rolled AB and the putting and chipping greens following the application of Lawn Sand. We have also changed holes, removed leaves and raked all greenside bunkers.

Unfortunately, we are unable to get to the C-Loop as it is too wet, this being the case, the course for the weekend will be AB, C loop will also remain open.

The whole course in general is quite wet underfoot and will remain so for the time being. This is once more due to the extensive period of drought conditions we experienced though the summer. When we dig down more than 20cm the ground is rock hard and bone dry, this makes it impossible for the water to move through the air pockets in the soil. The aeration we have carried out will help with this but will not solve the issue right now. Better drier weather is forecast for next week, so we keep our fingers crossed.

The course will be set up in winter tee positions on Monday 2nd November, Ole Dybdal, Chairman of the club’s Rules Committee, will publish a separate newsletter to explain how this will affect golf through the off-season.

Good weekend

Reamonn O’Neill
Golf course superintendent

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