28. Apr 2019

Tenson Opening Tournament

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116 eager members and guests came to play at the Tenson Opening Tournament.

The weather could have been better, the temperature was average and as always it was windy at Simon’s. This did not prevent some golfers from playing better than their handicap, in fact, one should have played better just to be in the prizes even though there were prizes for the top six in each groups.

1-6 places in the groups won nice golf clothes from Tenson.

As well as the group prizes, there were 4 fabulous bags for those who came closest to the pin on the par 3 holes.

Steen Florin from Tenson was unfortunately unable to attend, but was represented by Kløver, and so Kløver distributed the prizes while telling elaborate stories about the winning golfers.

Thanks once again to Steen for again sponsoring the opening tournament.

Closest to the pin B1:              Claus Kongsted – 374cm
Closest to the pin B5:              Christian Mørch – 260cm
Closest to the pin C2:              Simon Akselsen – 138cm
Closest to the pin C7:              Lars Valbjørn – 192cm

TOP 6 A-group

  1. Adam S. L. Hansen 39 p.
  2. Kenneth K. Nielsen 38 p.
  3. Alexander Garde 39 p.
  4. Peter Esbensen 38 p.
  5. Claus Christiansen 37 p.
  6. Poul J. Mogensen 37 p.

TOP 6 B-group

  1. Kim Dahlberg 42 p.
  2. Mogens F. Bagger 40 p.
  3. Mark Payne 39 p.
  4. Lars B. Hansen 38 p.
  5. Peter Sørensen 37 p.
  6. Peter Ebbesen 37 p.
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