24. Apr 2018

Tenson Opening Tournament

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The tournament season finally started with the Tenson Opening Tournament. And what a start, fantastic weather, which reflected in the scores. If you did not go to a handicap or better, you had to be lucky enough to get the best prizes.

Sine had made a surprising happening by parking bus 6A in front of the clubhouse. It is the bus that is going to drive in Copenhagen with pictures of Monty, Woosie, Laura Davies and Steen Tinning on. So many people will hear about Shipco Masters.

We used the bus as a registration point for scorecards, fruit and water.

After a not too long round we could enjoy the sun on the terrace and wait for the results.

We use mobile entry of scores throughout the season, so the time from entering the prize-giving will be shorter.

Steen Florin from Tenson had brought a lot of great prizes for the good and the lucky ones.

There were prizes for the 7 best in both groups.

There was the closest to the pin on all par 3 holes.

The premium prizes were pulled out among those who had actually used mobile entry.

All in all, a great start and thanks to Tenson.

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Klaus Emil Nygaard

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