01. Nov 2018

November/Off-Season Newsletter 2018/19

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Dear Members,

As of Thursday the 1st of November, we will start to prepare the course for the off season. We are all aware that at Simon’s we are very privileged to be able to play the course, including regulation greens, even during the winter months from November through to April weather permitting. To allow for this benefit we must do everything we can to protect the course, especially the greens, during very challenging climate conditions. Over the past few years I, A/S and the club’s board worked to compose a list of actions which can help us to achieve this goal. Not all of these points below will take place immediately but as the weather demands, this information is forewarning of what members/golfers can expect to take place during the weeks and months ahead.

1) Where necessary 9 holes will be available during weekdays with 18 holes available on weekends. This may be rotated to help spread wear.

2) The cutting heights of the grass have been raised and will remain at the higher height of cut until the soil temperatures deem it possible to reduce it in the springtime.

3) White and blue tee markers will be removed and yellow and red markers will be moved forward and back to help protect the summer tees. It is understood that their locations should comply with new DGU handicap regulations, only play from the Tees where the markers are placed.

4) We will no longer use the 1-2-3 pin positions, to allow for more flexible pin placements.

5) Golf may only commence from the first tee of the day’s 18 hole course even after frost or fog delays and possibly the additional 9 hole course.

6) Bag trolleys and scooters will be forbidden for use once weather demands. I will give notice via golf box before any restrictions are applied.

7) When wear and weather demand it, only one Putting green will be available.

8) The course, as in previous years, will be closed on mornings/days when frost, fog or snow deems the course unplayable. No grassed areas will be available for play during this period.

9) The pro shop will monitor the weather on a day to day basis and in advance where necessary restrict tee times until such a time as the weather is likely to improve.

10) All daily course information will be provided in the starter house. Every member/golfer must read this information before commencing their round.

11) Any members who deliberately do not follow the information provided could face disciplinary action from the clubs board in conjunction with the order and etiquette rules.

I hope you all enjoy the winter months.

Kind Regards

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