12. May 2023

Morning Golf from 15th May

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Procedure when playing morning golf at Simon’s Golf Club:

Upon arrival check the days course at the starter house.
There are two course signs at the starter house.

The first sign is the todays course (e.g AB)
The second sign is tomorrows course (e.g. Tuesday BC)

Morning golfers who wish to play 18-holes should always book and play the 9-hole course first, and then book a separate tee-time on the 18-hole course to play the front-9.
(You must always have a booked tee-time in Golfbox before commencing play).

When playing morning golf on a Tuesday:

The sign reads: “Tuesday BC”, then the golfer must first play “A-Loop” (9-hole course) followed by “B-Loop” (front-9) ensuring a time has been booked in Golfbox.

Please note:

  • Morning golf is only available on weekdays.
  • The 9-hole course is only open between sunrise and the first tee-time on the 18-hole course.
  • When there is a gun-start on the 18-hole course the 9-hole course will be available for morning golf until 6a.m.
  • During periods of aeration, morning golf will not be available.
  • Greenkeepers always have priority on the golf course.

Procedure regarding weather conditions when playing morning golf:

If there is a risk of frost, tee-times booked in Golfbox will be deleted 1-2 days in advance.

  • If there are any signs of frost ANYWHERE on the course: Play is prohibited!
  • Whilst playing, should frost appear: Stop playing and leave the course immediately!
  • If in any doubt: Do not commence or continue play!

Any violation of the rules will result in a case being brought forward to the Club’s Order & Etiquette Committee which could result in period of suspension.

Should you have any questions regarding the information above, please contact Jørgen in the Pro-Shop for clarification: Tel: 4919 1674

Best regards,

Simon’s Golf A/S

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