12. Mar 2021

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Dear members,

March is often considered a month of “hurry up and wait” this is due to the fact we have wonderful warm days followed by prolonged cold and frosty days. We were very lucky to be open last weekend but unfortunately the cold front moved in and we were closed Monday through Friday due to heavy frost.

During week 10 we too were unable to carry out our planned works on the golf course due to the heavy frosts lasting all day. Alternatively, we decided to hire in some machinery to assist us with repairing the roads surrounding the perimeter of the course, these have been used throughout the duration of the winter period and when the course has been frozen. We also continued working with the small areas of high rough which needed to be strimmed, in particular A5 and A3 towards the motorway.

Strimming on A5 – maintenance facilities in background

Today, Friday 12th March we plan to set up the course as best we can i.e. change holes, rake bunkers, and remove more of the debris around the lakes. Unfortunately, due to the thaw and the heavy rain we will be unable to roll greens.

Looking ahead hopefully we will not be delayed due to frost over the weekend, however, rain is forecast on Saturday which will of course add to the course already being wet underfoot and going into week 11, it looks as though we will experience cold nights which will probably lead to Frost delays.

I would expect with the frost that is forecast for next week we will focus on strimming the remaining area of high rough on A3 fairway side. I also hope to resurface the pathway from A2 men’s tee, and should the opportunity arise our number 1 goal is still to apply cold start high iron fertiliser to the greens.

Kind regards

Reamonn O’Neill
Golf Course Superintendent

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