21. Feb 2021

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Dear members,

As you will have noticed, in the last few weeks we have experienced a substantial Nordic winter. From a Greens Staff perspective we have taken the opportunity to paint and prepare the course furniture ready for the season ahead and my team have been able to take back hours in lieu that were acquired from overtime done throughout last year’s season.

We have also taken advantage of the prolonged hard frost to clear the reeds around the lakes, it has been many years since this has been possible and should make it much easier to decipher if your ball landed in the lake or not. There is some debris still around the lakes, this will be removed as soon as the weather allows us to get out on the course. The reeds will of course grow back in the spring however we are working on a long term solution for this problem.

Looking ahead it appears that we are heading into a difficult period weather-wise, below you can see the article I received this morning from TV2 Weather detailing the situation:


At this point I cannot say when we can expect the course to open. It will not be from one day to the next but we will keep you informed via the splash on the homepage.

Kind regards

Reamonn O’Neill
Golf Course Superintendent


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