03. May 2021

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Dear members,

We have finally entered the month of May, leaving behind an especially cold and dry April. It looks to be a different start to May with mild and wet weather forecast for the week ahead and temperatures as high as 18°C at the weekend.

We managed to aerate C & A-Loop greens and the big putting green last week, and we plan to complete B-Loop, the small putting green and chipping green today. I would have liked to have applied a little extra sand to C & A-Loop greens however the rain makes this almost impossible, I will monitor the weather and hope for a window of opportunity.

Taking advantage of the rain forecast we will fertilise all fairways, grass pathways, greens complexes and tees with a slow release granular fertiliser. This fertiliser dissolves slowly over the next four months providing food to the grass plant.

James Petts has advised that we keep preferred lies in place at present, however this should hopefully be lifted shortly with the rain and fertiliser applied this week.

Kind regards

Reamonn O’Neill
Golf Course Superintendent

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