09. May 2017


This weekend we played our first two matches in the Elite Division. On Saturday, in the first match, we met the Danish Champions from Smørrum and on Sunday we met Hillerød who have also had podium wins in the last few years.

As many members may have noticed, this year we have started training somewhat earlier than usual, and on the last couple of Thursday afternoons we have played 9 holes of the course along with James. We hoped that the extra training would really help with our season.

On Saturday we met Smørrum, who had brought along European Tour winner Nanna Koerstz-Madsen as a clear reinforcement to the team. Iben Tinning and Sophia Carlsen made progress against Smørrums first foursome, Louise Markvardsen and Nikoline Brenøe-Mouritzen and won 6-5. Marie Louise Juul and Karen Margrethe Juul were 2 up with 3 holes again but lost on the 16th and 17th before finishing at the 18th. Smørrum hit the rough and took a bogie and so Simon’s were able to win the battle against Nanna and Marie-Louise Tommerup – although their nerves were slightly frayed.

Simon’s led 4-0 after the morning foursomes and so only needed to win 1½ single out of the afternoons 4 singles to take the win over Smørrum. Sophia who played the first single gave Nanna a good fight to the line but was taken at the 14th hole. Both Marie Louise and Rosa Barnak, who had been substituted for Iben in the afternoons single, fought well against Louise and Nikoline respectively and their matches reached the 18th hole. None of them won and none of them lost so that the two joint matches gave 2 points overall and so we only needed 1 point to win the whole game. Karen Margrethe was 1 down when she and Marie Louise finished 18th, Karen Margrethe had a birdie to finish and so won the whole match and so we finished with a draw against Smørrum.

On Sunday we met Hillerød who also brought a European Tour winner, Nicole Broch-Larsen. She played the foursome with national team player, Line Toft Hansen and although Iben and Sophia played a great game they took it at the 16th hole. Marie Louise and Karen Margrethe played against Fie Olsen and Sarah Skovgaard, they were 4 up after the 10th hole but a couple of expensive mistakes cost them and again the match went right up to the 18th hole. After 2 magnificient shots Simon’s were on the green in 2 but Karen Margrethe’s putt was too short leaving Marie Louise with a 2 meter putt for the win. Marie Louise didn’t flinch and sank the putt  for a very important win. 2-2 against Hillerød after the foursomes.

Rosa was again swapped in for the afternoon singles and took the first victory against Sarah over 18 holes. Sophia had very strong opposition playing against Nicole, 5 under par after 14 holes but lost 5-4. Karen Margrethe did not play her best and lost 4-3 to Line. So it was up to Marie Louise to win her match against Fie so that we could draw against Hillerød. Marie Louise was 1 down after the  16th hole but won the 17th hole and the game was on again as they went onto the 18th hole. Unfortunately, Marie Louise hit into the forest on the drive, but had the opportunity to hole her long birdie putt to win the match. Unfortunately, Marie Louise did not succeed in drawing her match and only scored 1 point so Hillerød took us 7-5.

Furesø, the fourth team in the group, were lucky when none of the European Tour players came up in their two games so they won 8-4 over Hillerød but lost 10-2 to Smørrum. So even though we are  ranked 4th, it is all still there to be won as the European Tour players are not home for the next match, and that on paper, makes us seem stronger for Furesø than when we drew with Smørrum, who had Nanna on the team.

The next divisional weekend is 17th and 18th of June, where we will meet Furesø at Furesø on Saturday and Smørrum at Smørrum on Sunday.


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