21. Apr 2023

First Aid/defibrillator

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Dear member,

As we head into the new season, we would like to remind you of the emergency procedure on the golf course and that our defibrillator can be located at the rear entrance to Albatross – see image below.

In the event of cardiac arrest or other medical emergency please follow the below steps:

  • Ensure it is safe to approach the casualty
  • Assess the casualty
  • Call 112
  • If there is another player nearby, ask them to contact Simon’s Golf to inform them of the situation and to bring the defibrillator if required.

Administration: 4919 1478   •   Albatross: 4919 0482   •   Pro-Shop: 4919 1674

  • Provide First Aid

Please note that in the event of any medical emergency on the golf course Simon’s Golf should always be contacted as they will need to direct the emergency services to the casualty.
We also encourage our members to familiarise themselves with basic first aid techniques, you can find information on the Red Cross app, details here

Kind regards

Simon’s Golf A/S

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