25. Mar 2020


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Dear Members,

After a sunny weekend with lots of activity on the course, it’s time to take stock.

First and foremost, we would like to thank you for adapting to the Coronavirus / Covid-19 restrictions that the club imposed on you in relation to the health authorities’ recommendations last week.

In fact, we were visited by the Police on Saturday and Sunday, who were pleased to note that Simon’s  activities were entirely in accordance with the health authorities’ regulations.

For your safety, we would like to reiterate the most important restrictions on the course:

  • Access is for club members only – guests are not permitted.
  • Players must arrive shortly before their tee time (10 minutes) and must leave the area immediately after the round is completed. If needs be wait in the car until 10 minutes before tee time.
  • Do not go to the tee until the other players have left.
  • Players must adhere to the social distancing requirements and must not shake hands or hug.
  • Do not touch each other’s equipment or balls.
  • Put the flag in with a glove on and pick up the ball with the glove.
  • Smooth the sand out with your foot after bunker strokes as the rakes have been removed.
  • Balls cannot be washed as the ball washers are not on the course
  • Wash hands and sanitise hands as often as possible.

After this weekends play we would also like to add the following:

  • No one can play golf without having a booked tee time.
  • Tee times can only be booked on the 18-hole course and therefore it is not permitted to play on the back 9.
  • The 9-hole loop is closed due to work on the 2020 RE-MODEL project.
  • The rules for the training facilities also apply to the par 3 course.

Should any of the above rules be violated we are within our rights to issue player suspensions.

The rules for booking have changed and currently can only be  booked up to and including Sunday 29.3. It is planned that – if conditions permit – we will open the course for bookings for next week on Friday 27.3 . Further information will be provided when available.

As mentioned earlier, it is extremely important that the above restrictions as well as the general recommendations of the health authorities are followed in order to avoid the spread of the infection. It is our expectation that all members take the instructions very seriously.

Help each other by following the recommendations. That way you take care of yourself and others.

Also remember that playing golf in the current situation is a personal choice. If in doubt – stay home!

We again remind you that Simon’s Golf A / S are complying with the requirements of the health authorities at all times. If the requirements change, we will adapt current restrictions and practices at short notice.


Board of Directors

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