18. Mar 2020

Coronavirus/covid-19 – 18th March 16:00

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Dear Member,

The DGU has requested that all Danish golf courses close all facilities including the course until 29th March 2020 due to COVID-19.

We have carefully discussed the DGU’s request and reviewed it along with the recommendations from the Health Authority and the Prime Minister.

After taking everything into consideration we have not found sufficient evidence to stop our members from accessing the course for play.

Although we have taken several new measures to help minimize the risk of infection.

As of today, the following will apply at Simon’s Golf Club:

  • All indoor facilities will be closed: Albatross Bar, Lakeside Restaurant, changing rooms, Pro-shop, Administration and toilets (apart from the two toilets at the bag room and Handy House, where there will be hand sanitiser and soap).
  • All training facilities and teaching areas will also be closed: putting greens, driving range, short game area and indoor training centre.
  • It is advised that to keep visits to the bag room as short as possible and members who pick up equipment in the bag room are requested to take the equipment home after use.
  • If you do not have a key for the bag room and need your equipment the administration can be contacted on weekdays between 8.30-15.00.

Members can continue to play golf at Simon’s Golf Club, subject to several restrictions:

  • Access is for Club members ONLY. Guests are not permitted.
  • Players should arrive shortly before their tee time (10-15 minutes) and leave the area immediately after the round is completed.
  • Do not go to the tee until it is free of other players.
  • A valid bag marker may need to be presented to a Marshall.
  • Keep away from other players and do not shake hands or hug.
  • Do not touch each other’s equipment or balls.
  • Wear a glove and pick up the ball with glove.
  • Scorecard printing is not possible.
  • Wash and sanitise hand as often as possible.

During this period a number of temporary local rules will be in place which must be adhered to:

  • Leave the flag in.
  • After playing from a bunker smooth the sand gently with your foot. The rakes have been removed from all bunkers.
  • There is still no Hcp regulation due to the different tee placements over the winter season.

It is important that the above information along with the general recommendations are followed to ensure the spread of the infection is avoided.

We hope that all members will take these instructions very seriously and take care of themselves and each other.

It should be expected that there will be further restrictions in the future. Simon’s Golf will be adhering to the Health Authorities advice and recommendations.

Kind regards,
Simon’s Golf A / S

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