22. Jan 2018

Shooting from Helsingør and aiming for the top of world golf!

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By  Andreas Mayerhofer, Helsingør Dagblad


Golf: Even on the worst winter day the course at Simon’s Golf Club is open. Well  wrapped up in a winter jacket and hat, one of Helsingør’s biggest talents has found a break in the school schedule to hit some balls at the club’s driving range.

Sophia Giverny Carlsen has agreed to talk to Helsingør Dagblad about life as a sports talent in Helsingør, Denmark and around the world.

– Yes, there is speed at all times. Either it is school or it is sport. It takes a lot of time when you are abroad and play and you need to be in this world. Then you can not go to winter for six months without playing, says Sophia Giverny Carlsen between a couple of shots where she sends the little white ball on long distance in the scenic area of ​​Kvistgård.

For most of the past seven years, she has walked the courses in the Helsingør area. Sophia Giverny Carlsen is a member of both Helsingør Golf Club and Simon’s Golf Club.

She started her career in Helsingør GC, but to get close and daily contact with her trainer, James Petts, she is now mainly at Simon’s.

“I’m still a member of Helsingør, because I really like being in the club, and it’s nice to be there with my family and such. But I play the team here in Simon’s, and I think it’s important that I often have my coach on the course when I train. Then you can go and work on different things and refine your game, says Sophia Giverny Carlsen.

“Here at the club there are also some really good female golfers, whom I can get good advice from, and I often use that,” she continues.

Why did you start golfing?

“It was my father who was playing, and then I went out and thought that was a lot of fun. And then when I was 14, I found out that I could figure it out and that I would try to be as good as possible, says the golfer with a smile.

And good, she is. So good that she has been with the junior national team and so good that Simon’s Golf Club invests so that she can travel to tournaments around the world.

As an elite sportsman there is a lot of effort and a lot of time spent at the sports ground. In Helsingør Municipality there is a fairly well-developed education foundation for young people with special skills in sport.

Sophia Carlsen is a student at Helsingør Eliteidræts Akademi (HEA), which helps to organize schooling at HHX, where she walks in 2.g.

“It’s a huge advantage to be affiliated with HEA. If I just went to school on a regular basis, it would be too hard for me to schedule as I travel once a month or so. In addition, I have morning exercise, and I am daily with other young athletes who have similar challenges. I am very pleased, says the 17-year-old golfer.

Travel is on the horizon

In a couple of weeks, she will go to Morocco to a training camp and there are plenty of travel kilometers ahead.

– After the training camp I will go to Sicily, Paris, Germany, Ireland, Belgium and Sweden to play tournament, so I have junior DM at home this year, and only Danish tournaments will be available every weekend this summer, summing up Sophia Giverny Carlsen.

If everything goes well, it will also be a trip with the country’s best juniors.

“I love being with the national team. We are of course we are competitors, but when we leave, it’s like teams and we are really good friends all together. It’s pretty nice to get those experiences in a sport that is very individual, says the Helsingør girl.

When Sophia is home, there will also be some TV golf. But there is not much to be inspired for new angles and shot positions. What the best golf women wear, however, has the greatest attention from the sofa in Ålsgårde.

“I’m collecting golf skirts and have done it a good while. Eventually I have collected a lot, and it is also at the top of the wish list for Christmas and birthdays. I think it’s great, and they come in every possible form and with different expressions, she explains.

When 3.g is over in a year and a half, the plan is already ready for what’s going to happen.

– I am looking for college in the United States to go to school and play golf under very good conditions. There has been some contact already, and I hope that’s fine, says Sophia Giverny Carlsen.

And what do you hope for the long “golf course”?

– I would like to play golf. Of course it is hard to come to and there is not as much money as the men, but it is possible, she finds before the golf ball again flies with the unmistakable and very pleasant ball-to-ball sound.

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