01. Jul 2017

Veteran region teams have completed the preliminary rounds!

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The veterans have played the last matches of the opening round!

VB7 with Captain Erling leading them, played the last match at home against Gilleleje and SV8 with Captain Poul Otto leading them out against Mølleåen. VB7 won the opening round and will play the quarter finals on 14th of August.

Minutes from Erling Schiøtz – VB7:
“Our last opening match was at home against Gilleleje on 29/6.
Despite very uncertain weather forecasts, the match was finished in dry weather without the predicted rain or thunder. The conditions were again perfect and everyone was “fit for the fight”.
The team this time consisted of:
– Marianne Bøje Lauritzen
– Merete Trojahn
– Preben Røikjær
– Poul Erik Skindballe
– Arne Hansen
– and the undersigned

The match did not affect the overall result in our group because we had already won the first five matches and had moved on to the “end games”. Nevertheless, our goal was to win the match, just as we did when we met Gilleleje on their home turf a couple of months ago. But unfortunately this was not to be the case and we sadly lost 2-9 :-(.
Our friends from Gilleleje were in top form and proved to be quite formidable opponents. Several played better than their handicap and we could not match their great game. It was only Arne, who in his 1st HS, held the “cardiac” and won his match.
Overall, of course, we are very pleased to win our group and everyone who contributed to our team deserves thanks and appreciation for their fine efforts.
Now we have the whole month of July to “train” so that we can be prepared for the quarter finals on 14th August at Søllerød Golf Course where we will meet Midtjylland ..

Minutes from Poul Otto Gade
And then it was no more…
We lost 9.5 / 1.5 to Mølleåens Golfklub during stormy weather.
Mølleå Course
The team consisted of: Fritz P Rasmussen, Carsten Lønfeldt, Gunnar Hansen, Loa Bangsbo, Else Hansen and Jørgen Weyhe
On paper it looked like we were outnumbered in all matches and yet we played to almost a draw in 4 out of 5 matches losing on either the last or second to last hole.
We are placed 2nd in the SV8 group after Mølleåen.



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