At the beginning of the week the construction team completed the drainage task on A9, this task was executed in such a tidy manner that the turf lifted and replaced should be fully repaired within 14 days.

Following that the irrigation team set about installing the additional fore-green sprinklers on holes A1, A4, A5, A7 and A9.

All tees and work areas have been GPS’d this allowed for the first phase of tee construction to be carried out on A1, A9, A5 & A6. Additional materials have been stockpiled in P3 for this purpose.

For the week ahead, tee construction on A-Loop will continue with irrigation sprinklers being installed as well as drainage and the gravel bed layer. Also, phase 1 prep works will continue on the yellow tees at B1.

New! In the video section you can see timelapse footage of the team at work on A6 tee.

Next update:  Sunday 11th April.