The irrigation team has progressed very well during the past week and have now completed the task of replacing all the existing tee sprinklers on A and B, including re-wiring all connections to ensure that they are 100% waterproof. A full electronic test was also carried out and and electrical components that were not functioning 100% have also been replaced. The only tees that have not yet been replaced are the tees that are to be re-built/enlarged. The replacement of those heads will take place immediately after construction.

Once that task was completed on Wednesday 25th March and due to the fact the weather has been extremely dry the team have now set about marking out and  installing the additional drainage on A9. This task will lead us into Week 3.
It is proposed that during week 3 that the team will split into two teams, One team will start to construct the new Yellow tee on A1 and the other team will start to install the additional approach “foregreen” sprinklers on A loop.

Next update: Saturday 4th April