The Issues

The Changing Climate

  • More drought and more heavy rain.



  • Ageing
  • Contaminated sand
  • Eroding edges
  • Impaired drainage
  • Strategic placement for todays players

Solution – Rebuild the bunkers with a Capillary Concrete Liner and a Durabunker edge.



  • Increased issues with local wet areas around some of the greens.

Solution – Install drainage and esure that there is enough room for traffic.



  • Too dense woodland areas.

Solution – Thin out the woodland areas to ensure that the landscape values are maintained as well as the playability.



  • Uneven tees
  • Insufficient height of tees

Solution – Re-level tees and raise the ones that are in need thereof.



  • Modernisation/replacement of original tee sprinklers on A & B
  • Installation of additional irrigation sprinklers for better coverage around greens complexes and foregreens


Turf Nursery

  • To make it possible to carry out repairs and upgrades quickly and with the right turf.